Apex Legends Pro Slams Respawn, Says Cheaters Are Ruining The Game

As Apex Legends‘ player base continues to grow, so too, do the number of people searching for ways to gain an unfair advantage. Thankfully, then, Respawn Entertainment has been going to great lengths to rid the game of cheaters, but according to some, what they’re doing is just not enough.

At the moment, we know that roughly half a million people have been banned, with the developer even going so far as to ban hardware associated with the accounts in question as well. But as the number of folks hopping into Apex Legends only continues to go up on a daily basis, the problem seems to be getting worse and worse and if you ask popular streamer Shroud, Respawn has a mountain to climb ahead of them if they hope to stamp out illicit activity full stop.

Speaking on a recent stream, here’s what the Apex pro had to say about the issue:

“I was like, ‘if you don’t handle cheaters well, no report system will save you.’ …A report system is literally useless, [unless] you figure a way to get rid of them. Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but it’s looking like it’s going to happen.”

“I’m telling you. The cheaters are going to ruin this game. It’s so hard to fight cheaters, you can’t win.”

Frankly, he has a point. While a report system is a good first step, it’s not very effective on its own if there aren’t any additional measures being taken along with it to ensure that the people being reported are removed from the game for good. And again, while Respawn has certainly been proactive in banning cheaters, it seems they still aren’t doing enough.

If you’ll recall, Fortnite also suffered from a pretty big cheating problem in its early days and Epic went to incredible lengths to clean things up. Even now, though, there’s still a fair amount of cheaters running around the battle royale title and it seems to be a never-ending fight that the developer will have to engage in.

In other words, if Respawn hopes to keep the playing field level and fair in Apex Legends, they have a long road ahead of them.


Source: Dexerto