Dead Island And Toy Soldiers: Cold War Are Your Games With Gold For February


Two very different Xbox 360 titles make up this month’s Games With Gold promotion, as Dead Island and Toy Soldiers: Cold War are the latest free offerings from Microsoft.

Available starting February 1st will be Dead Island, the zombie-themed first person shooter from Techland. Normally carrying a cost of $19.99, the title first burst onto the scene in early 2011 with a gorgeous pre-rendered trailer depicting the death and infection of a small child. Although the final product had little to do with that trailer besides the fact that they both featured zombies, Dead Island still averaged a decent 70% on Metacritic and received a solid review from us back when it launched.

Coming on February 16th will be Toy Soldiers: Cold War, the 2011 strategy title from Signal Studios. As the sequel to the original Toy Soldiers, Cold War transported gamers away from World War I setting of the original to the distinctly combat free era of the Cold War. The lack of combat didn’t prevent Signal Studios from crafting an engaging and fun depiction of warfare though. We reviewed the title back in 2011 and praised it for its exciting action and amount of content.

Although these games aren’t exactly that recent, both are solid additions to the Games With Gold promotion. Dead Island is a decent shooter that perhaps suffered more from failing to live up to its debut trailer than anything else and Toy Soldiers: Cold War is a fun strategy game that may have been passed by when it was originally released as part of Microsoft’s 2011 Summer Of Arcade.

Tell us, what are your thoughts on the latest additions to Microsoft’s Games With Gold promotion? Will you be picking either game up? Let us know in the comments section below.