Digital Version Of New Super Mario Bros. 2 Gets Club Nintendo Bonus

New Super Mario Bros. 2, Nintendo’s sidescrolling 3DS sequel to the 2006 DS hit New Super Mario Bros., is currently scheduled for a dual release both at retail stores and as a digital download on Nintendo’s 3DS eShop on August 19. This is the company’s first attempt at such a release, and to encourage potential customers towards the new digital business model, they will incorporate a bonus for those who have signed up for their free Club Nintendo bonus service.

As with many of Nintendo’s recent first-party titles, the retail version of New Super Mario Bros. 2 will include a code for players to enter on the Club Nintendo website and receive 50 coins, the site’s currency used to obtain various free rewards for loyal customers.

However, any player who buys the game digitally from its launch date through September 20 will receive 100 coins – double the amount of the physical copy.

We will keep you updated on more New Super Mario Bros. 2 news as it is announced.