Epic New Trailer For God Of War Dates Kratos’ Return For Early 2018


A brooding Kratos headlines the latest and suitably epic trailer for God of War, which dates Sony’s franchise revival for release in early 2018.

Featuring giant sea monsters, Norse mythology (Jörmungandr?), and more father-son bonding than you can shake a DualShock 4 at, this is our first look at Santa Monica’s somber hack-and-slash title in a full year, and at least based on tonight’s all-new gameplay footage, the God of War revival is coming along quite nicely. The game’s release window has now been narrowed to early 2018, which tells us that Kratos will stage his PS4 debut sometime before March 31st of that year – assuming all goes according to plan behind closed doors.

Set in the aftermath of God of War 3, this is the first time that Sony’s flagship action franchise has dipped its toe in Norse mythology. But Kratos won’t be making the journey alone; rather, he’ll be joined by his son Arteus, who may well hold a connection to the God of Thunder, Thor. Indeed, speculation is already rife that the serpentine sea creature spotted at the tail-end of tonight’s trailer is actually called Jörmungandr (AKA the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent), an ancient beast said to be a precursor of Ragnarok. Could God of War‘s story really involve the Norse apocalypse? We’ll find out soon enough.

Kratos and Atreus’ journey begins in earnest when God of War roars onto PS4 in early 2018. It wasn’t the only one of Sony’s exclusives to evade a specific date this evening either, after the Japanese platform-holder remained mum on its release plans for Detroit: Become Human, Days Gone and Insomniac’s Spider-Man game. Nevertheless, we’ll be bringing you all the latest developments as E3 2017 unfolds.