Gears Of War 3 Epic And Limited Editions Revealed

Not really much of a surprise here as we all knew that these would be coming but the official details for the Gears of War 3 Epic and Limited editions have been revealed. The Limited Edition will run you $79.99 while the Epic Edition comes in at a whopping $149.99. You can look at what they include below and determine for yourself if they’re worth it.

Limited Edition:

Epic Edition:

For me personally, these special editions of games are rarely worth it. I used to buy them, but I realize now that very often they’re just money grabs. I remember buying the Halo 3: Legendary Edition for $149.99 only to see it a few months later on Amazon for $69.99.  I guess if you’re a collector or a huge fan of the game it could be worth the money but for me, I’ll stick with just the normal edition. Plus, whenever I finish a game I trade it in anyways so it’s not worth it to pay $150 for a game only to trade it in a month or two later.

What do you think?