Overwatch Developer Update Details Server Browser Feature, Custom Game Changes


The latest developer update video for Blizzard’s Overwatch has arrived, and game director Jeff Kaplan returns once again to outline the various features and improvements being made to the shooter in the near future. This time around, the focus is on something entirely brand new – the server browser. Upon its arrival, the system will allow players to peruse a list of custom games suited to their play styles or create their own by way of several new customization tools arriving alongside the feature.

As a taster of the tweaks that can be made in any given mode, Kaplan describes the ability to tinker with how the payload behaves in a match, giving you the opportunity to increase or reduce its speed in order to modify match pacing. Likewise, the length of time it takes for a team to capture a control point can be altered to suit personal tastes, too.

Heroes themselves can be altered in all kinds of ways also, with Kaplan stating that abilities can be turned off on a whim, so if you’re not particularly happy with the recent changes to D.Va’s Defence Matrix or Roadhog’s Hook, you’ll be able to disable them entirely. Not the perfect compromise, but hey, the option is there if you want it.

Lastly, Kaplan confirms that Capture the Rooster, Overwatch‘s own take on the classic capture the flag mode, will be added to Custom Games following the conclusion of its Year of the Rooster event later this month, so you no longer need to worry about getting your fill before Blizzard removes it. As if you needed any more incentive to indulge in some custom fun besides entertainment, the update will enable players to earn experience – and therefore more Loot Boxes – once they go live. Bargain.

For a more in-depth rundown of all the changes, see the video above.


Source: Overwatch Developer Update

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