Pokémon Go Reveals Revamped Buddy System And New Rewards

With the sun about to set on another successful year for Pokémon Go, Niantic has decided now is the time to unveil its plans for the future ahead.

We learned a while ago, of course, that the developer plans to introduce dedicated online battles for Trainers to enjoy early next year, but that’s not all it has in store. Joining – and perhaps preceding, if the tentative “roll out around the world by 2020” ETA is any indication – that ambitious update in the weeks ahead will be a total overhaul to one of Pokémon Go‘s core mechanics, the Buddy system.

As it turns out, Niantic believes the feature’s current iteration is far from rewarding or intuitive enough and plans to make a number of foundational changes in order to make showering your favourite Pokémon with gifts and praise worth the hassle once more. Continue through the break below for a complete breakdown of what’s on the way.

Undergoing something of a rebrand, Buddy Adventure aims to provide an “elevated bonding experience for Trainer and their buddies,” by allowing players to directly play with, feed and level up their companion. Unsurprisingly, you’ll likely be in need of some sizable berry reserves to keep your buddy satiated, but persist and you’ll be treated to a number of neat rewards. Divided into multiple levels – similarly to friendship ranks – reaching each tier will bestow the following perks:

In addition to all of the above, exploring, battling and feeding your preferred pal will earn Affection. When this rating hits its peak, further boosts will be unlocked.

Terrific news for players who’ve developed a sentimental attachment to a particular ‘Mon in their collection, then, and some much-needed changes for one of the game’s most superficial features. We’ll update you with a firm release date as and when Niantic reveals one but for now, there’s plenty to be getting on with in-game. For a complete rundown of all the rewards and activities available during Pokémon Go‘s ongoing end-of-year event, see here.


Source: Niantic