The Witcher 4 Petition Calls For Romance Option Between Geralt And Jaskier

Between Andrzej Sapkowski’s original books and CD Projekt’s The Witcher games, Geralt of Rivia has long been a name familiar with fantasy fans.

Netflix’s most recent triumph, however, has led to an explosion in fandom for the Polish author’s world and characters, with Henry Cavill, for many, now being the definitive version of the monster hunter. Such increased exposure can only mean good things for the longevity of the franchise, of course, but some fans believe an important change is necessary going forward, at least as far as the video game series is concerned.

While CD Projekt has never outright confirmed the existence of The Witcher 4, the signing of a new contract between itself and Sapkowski has led many to believe that a sequel is in the works. Should that ultimately be the case, campaigner Ayrton Pask is hoping the studio will include a new romance option – besides Yennefer and Triss – in the form of Jaskier.

Clearly inspired to create the petition over on after watching Netflix’s adaptation, Pask’s campaign reads: “The goal of this petition is to get CD Projekt to create another Witcher game, in the same vain (sic) as the current trilogy, but have Geralt and Jaskier as a couple.” Aiming to reach a milestone of 100 signatures, Pask’s request doesn’t appear to have resonated too well with others, as just two individuals have lent their support as of writing.

Unfortunately for Pask, the situation is also unlikely to change. Neither the games or the books on which they’re based ever make reference to either Jaskier (known as Dandelion in the former) or Geralt as being homosexual or bisexual. To go against that established lore and Geralt’s central relationship with Yennefer would undoubtedly cause unnecessary friction among the fanbase. Never say never, of course, but outside of fan fiction, Geralt and Jaskier hooking up is a highly unlikely outcome.

As for The Witcher 4, you can see everything we know so far about the unconfirmed title over here.