5 Upcoming DC Movies That We Can’t Wait For

DC Suicide-Squad-Movie-Poster-Joker-and-Harley-Quinn-Header

Following on from our piece about “5 Upcoming Marvel Movies We Can’t Wait For,” we now take a look at the other side of the comic book coin: the lurid cinematic world featuring, or inspired by, DC characters.

For all the rivalry that exists between the two comic book giants ,even the most ardent Marvel associates might struggle to deny the importance of DC. Arguably two of the world’s best-known superheros in Batman and Superman have roots and history in DC comics, and as this incredible universe continues to push on into fresh cinematic territory, an exciting list of upcoming movies featuring some the most absorbing superheroes and villains ever created has recently begun to gather momentum.

So, on that note, here are 5 upcoming movies featuring DC comic book characters that we simply cannot wait to see hit theatres.