Watch: Bill & Ted Face The Music Teaser Asks Us To Be Excellent

Everyone’s favorite time travelers are set return to cinema screens with this year’s Bill & Ted Face the Music, the third entry in the beloved franchise, following its predecessors Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989) and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991).

If you’ve been keeping up with production, then you’ll surely know that one of the new additions to series is the inclusion of the main characters’ daughters. Yes, the threequel will see Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted Logan meeting up with their own flesh and blood, who’ll be helping them in their latest mishaps through time and space.

And though we’ve still yet to see any footage from the highly anticipated release, a new promo has found its way online today, which you can see above. Admittedly, it’s not much, but it does remind us that Face the Music will be with us later this year and also asks us all to “be excellent to each other.” Some have speculated that it might just be an appetizer before a proper trailer drops tonight during the Super Bowl, but right now, we can’t be sure.

In any case, it’s probably safe to say that everyone would love to see some footage from Bill & Ted Face the Music. Sure, late-game sequels are usually pretty disappointing, but there’ve been a few exceptions over the years and admittedly, the third entry in this adored series does have a lot going for it.

Dean Parisot, who was behind the camera for Galaxy Quest back in the 90s, is helming and we’ve obviously got both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter back in the lead roles. Not to mention that Bill Solomon and Chris Matheson, who penned both the original films, are back as well. So, all the ingredients are certainly there for a great return for the franchise. But we won’t know for certain if it’s a hit until Bill & Ted Face the Music rocks into theaters on August 21st.