Mysterious Plague Doctor Spotted During Pandemic, Sought By Authorities

Life has gotten pretty strange in the last month. Coronavirus went from a localized outbreak to a global pandemic and governments rushed to contain the spread (often too late to prevent a hemorrhage of casualties), with resultant lockdowns forcing billions to adjust to a “new normal.” Pretty heady, pretty strange. But I guarantee things aren’t as strange as they are for a community in the English county of Norfolk.

For non-islanders who don’t know, Norfolk is an odd place at the best of times. With that mind, this story reads as follows. Yesterday, Sky News reported sightings of a man dressed as a plague doctor, roaming around the suburb of Hellesdon in Norwich. The report has been corroborated by footage of the plague doctor uploaded to Twitter by ABC, which you can watch for yourself below.

British police hope to unmask mysterious 'plague doctor' seen during coronavirus lockdown.

— ABC News (@ABC) April 30, 2020

Plague Doctor

More remarkably, Sky went on to say the police have got involved, saying they want to provide “words of advice” to the individual who, whilst not breaking the law, is probably frightening the locals. It’s certainly one of the more bizzaro things to see whilst sunbathing on the village green – more Bloodborne than Last of the Summer Wine.

This hasn’t been the only case of quarantine mischief in the UK, either. A few weeks ago, a Dalek was filmed enforcing the lockdown in the village of Whitby. The Doctor has been to many places in his/her broadcast adventures, but Whitby is not one of them. I must’ve missed Boris Johnson’s decision to recruit genocidal cyborgs to the police force. Apropos of “Daleks in North Yorkshire,” “The Plague Doctors of Hellesdon” is a great 70s Doctor Who title. Beats the drivel being served up by the current showrunner anyhow.

Seen any curious goings-on in your neck of the woods? Drop a comment below. Weirdest sighting wins this article’s weird sighting award. But remember, it has to beat plague doctors and Daleks.