Blumhouse’s The Hunt Returns With New Trailer And Release Date

Following a series of mass shootings in the USA last year – most notably, the Dayton, Ohio; Gilroy, California; and El Paso, Texas incidents – Universal Pictures cancelled their plans to release The Hunt, which is produced by Blumhouse and has caused quite a controversy almost ever since its first trailer dropped. Indeed, the overtly political movie has been in hot water from the get-go.

For one, many saw it as an inflammatory story revolving around liberal elites who hunt “deplorables” for sport. And even though this isn’t what the film’s really about, even if it appears that way on the surface, Fox News decided it was and ran a story which led President Trump to tweet some pretty disparaging remarks about The Hunt. But now, after several months of radio silence, the movie’s back in the spotlight with a new trailer and release date.

With a preview that markets it pretty differently from what we saw last year, this new promo tells us that The Hunt will arrive in theaters on March 13th. And even though things have certainly calmed down a bit, you can bet that it’ll still touch down with a cloud of controversy surrounding it.

The Hunt Universal Pictures

Co-written by Damon Lindelof, The Hunt follows twelve strangers who awake in a clearing, only to realize that they’re being hunted by a group of rich elites. Playing heavily into the social divide within the United States, the various characters will find themselves on different ends of the political spectrum as they get caught up in what looks to be a pretty violent event. One with a little humor thrown in for good measure, too.

So yeah, as you can see from all this, The Hunt is no doubt going to kick up a bit of a storm when it releases later this year. But it’ll be interesting to see how the general public takes to it and if it proves to be a hit or not.