Daisy Ridley And Vanessa Kirby Suit Up As Catwoman In New Batman Fan Art

Now that The Batman has entered pre-production, it shouldn’t be much longer before we learn which other actors will orbit Robert Pattinson as the titular hero. So far, we’ve heard rumblings of Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face, Mad Hatter and Firefly joining the party, but it’s actually Catwoman whom we’re here to discuss today.

If you’ve been keeping score, then you’ve heard a few names being in the mix for Selina Kyle, specifically Chloe Grace MoretzJodie Comer, Ana de Armas and Vanessa Kirby. And though I’ve personally taken to the idea of seeing Daisy Ridley in the role after scoping some impressive fan art, we’ve never heard anything about her actually being in contention.

Regardless, that hasn’t stopped John Regan from continuing to draw up conceptuals of Ridley as the feline fatale. Similar to his incredible Battinson artwork that he’s posted on Twitter, the latest piece including the Star Wars actress is even better than the first. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a Batman: The Telltale Series vibe from this one, as opposed to Batman: Arkham City influencing the previous example.

After admiring the first exhibit, be sure to click over to the second, which depicts the aforementioned Vanessa Kirby as Selina. In this case, it appears as though Batman: The Animated Series lent considerable inspiration. I mean, not only is the costume itself paying tribute to the beloved cartoon, but it did also feature a blonde version of Ms. Kyle, something we don’t see too often.

The Batman arrives in theaters on June 25th, 2021. In the meantime, keep watching this space because more casting announcements for Gotham City’s rogues and other supporting characters are said to be imminent.