9 Questions We Have After Watching Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

3) Is Stan Lee A Watcher?

One of Vol. 2‘s best surprises is Stan Lee’s cameo, which blows the rest of the Marvel legend’s appearances in the MCU out of the water. During both the movie itself and a post-credits scene, Stan appears as an elderly restaurant who’s recounting his many encounters with superheroes to a group of bulbous-headed aliens that fans will recognize as the Watchers.

It’s a zinger of a cameo that alludes to two common fan theories. One, that Stan’s playing the same character each time he shows up and two, that he’s actually a Watcher in disguise, sworn to observe humanity but not interfere with it. While Marvel chief Kevin Feige has confirmed that this scene does indeed reveal that Lee plays the same person, the answer to the second theory has been left open-ended.

On the face of it, Lee isn’t a Watcher, as the Watchers in Guardians didn’t seem to treat him as one of their own. Still, nothing in the cameo outright confirms that isn’t the case, so we can’t say for sure. At the very least, Lee’s character is clearly an informant for them; someone to keep an eye on Earth’s heroes and report back to them on their activities.