Joker 4K Ultra HD Steelbook Cover Art Revealed

Taking Joker‘s continued success at the box office into consideration, I’m sure that this standalone flick will rake in quite a bit more money before any sort of Oscar nominations are handed out. Having loved the film very much myself, I, too, believe it deserves all the accolades being thrown in its direction.

That said, I’m dying to know when I can watch Arthur Fleck’s descent into madness within the comfort of my own home. On the downside, the official street date of any home video release has yet to be disclosed, but there’s at least one positive to discuss at present time.

You see, Best Buy has already begun taking pre-orders on the 4K Ultra HD Steelbook Edition, which’ll also include a Blu-ray disc for good measure. Set to bear a price tag of $34.99, this handsome set can be seen below in all its majestic glory.

As you may have guessed, any other details pertaining to the home video release are being kept under wraps. That means we don’t know what kind of bonus features will be included, but fingers remain crossed for deleted scenes – or possibly even an extended cut.

If history is any indicator, then there’s a very good chance other major retailers will roll out their own exclusive editions as well. Should that be the case, then the rabid collectors among you may also want to keep a close eye on Target, Walmart and Amazon, for starters.

Right now, one would imagine January to be a prime spot for Joker to be released on home video, but Warner Bros. may want to drop it just in time for Christmas. This would be very similar to what Sony did with Venom just one year ago, and wouldn’t be a bad idea from a business perspective. As always, we’ll keep you posted.


Source: Best Buy