Mark Ruffalo Would Do A Planet Hulk Movie


During the recent press day for Avengers: Age of Ultron, IGN sat down with Mark Ruffalo to talk about where the actor sees The Hulk going and if he’d be open to a solo outing. Of course, they weren’t the first outlet to do so. Far from it, in fact. Ever since Ruffalo played The Hulk in The Avengers audiences have been clamoring for more chances to see the now fan-favorite character on the big screen.

Given that Hulk’s past two solo outings weren’t that well received, Marvel has been hesitant to give him another chance, and understandably so. But with a new actor in the role and some very positive reception towards his take on The Hulk, could Ruffalo be getting ready to take Bruce Banner on another standalone ride?

Check out what the actor, along with co-star Scarlett Johansson, had to say below when asked about where The Hulk can go after Age of Ultron.

Mark Ruffalo: “I think there’s a lot of places to go with him [Hulk].”

Scarlett Johansson: “Like where?”

IGN: “Space?”

Ruffalo: “Well he’s going to space. Yeah, I mean there’s some talk of maybe Planet Hulk.”

IGN: “Would you like to see that?”

Ruffalo: “I’d be completely interested in entertaining that.”

Johansson: “Do they have a Starbucks there? That’s what I want to know.”

Ruffalo: [Laughs] “They don’t. It’s pretty bleak.”

The Planet Hulk rumors have been floating round for a while now and as of yet, there has been no official confirmation. Marvel has announced their future slate for the next little while and it doesn’t include a solo outing for the big green guy, which means that even if there is talk of taking another chance on him, it wouldn’t be for a long time.

Still, it’s good to know that talks are happening and that both Marvel and Ruffalo are interested in giving fans more of The Hulk. Even if they don’t decide to go the route of a solo outing, I’m sure that audiences would be up for seeing the character make appearances in future MCU efforts. Besides, it might be a safer road to take for the immediate future as well, until Marvel feels ready to take a gamble on a solo Hulk film again.


Source: IGN

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