New Listing Says Silver Surfer Will Cameo In Avengers: Infinity War

Here’s something interesting.

According to a Metacritic cast listing, none other than Silver Surfer will be making an appearance – perhaps via cameo – in Avengers: Infinity War. There’s no confirmation on this from Marvel just yet, but the outlet lists Curt Clendenin as playing the role, with the actor counting The Interview, Gilmore Girls and Weeds among his many credits.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Silver Surfer (real name Norrin Radd) was originally created by Jack Kirby, with Stan Lee helping to develop him. He’s been seen on film before, of course, but like so many others, he could really use a redo. As you’ll no doubt remember, Doug Jones played him in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, a wholly forgettable affair that didn’t do the character justice.

As such, fans have been calling for a new interpretation of him for years now and given that Kevin Feige had been trying to get the rights to Radd for a while before that Fox/Disney deal, we at least know that Marvel’s interested in including him in the MCU. Not to mention that Surfer played a pretty large role in the “Infinity War” arc in the comics.

All that being said, is this really going to happen? Probably not. Don’t get us wrong, as long as the Fox/Disney merger goes through, you can bet that the Silver Surfer will be brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But to introduce him in Avengers: Infinity War just wouldn’t make sense. Even if the studio had secretly acquired the rights to him before the deal with Fox was made, it still seems highly unlikely that he’ll show up in Joe and Anthony Russo’s event movie.

I mean, there’s just so much going on in the pic as is and already it’s at risk of having too many characters and plotlines to juggle. To then throw a very important character like Norrin Radd into the mix would just be foolish. We already know that Marvel cut Carol Danvers out of the film for that very reason (most likely) and as such, we can’t see them finding room for the Silver Surfer