Norman Reedus Says The Boondock Saints 3 Is Still Being Discussed

The Boondock Saints isn’t exactly the most instantly recognizable movie around, but it’s got a pretty loyal following and for good reason. Fans know just what an enjoyable, wild, Tarantino-esque ride it is, but unfortunately, critics didn’t quite take to it, as they panned the film upon its release back in 1999.

In the years since, though, it’s established a huge cult following and also spawned a sequel in 2009. While the follow-up was a far cry from the first effort, it was still a solid continuation of the story and folks have been asking for another outing featuring vigilante twin brothers Connor (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Murphy MacManus (Norman Reedus) ever since.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any firm updates on if we can expect a threequel or not, but speaking at ACE Comic Con this past weekend, Reedus admitted that they’re still talking about doing it, but couldn’t say for sure where things are at right now.

“I don’t know, to be honest,” he said. “There’s [still] talk of it every year, but I don’t know where we’re at with that right now.”

The Boondock Saints II

Though that’s not the most promising answer, it’s at least good to hear that the filmmakers behind the franchise are still talking about it and it seems that it remains on the table. Whether they’ll ever get around to making another movie remains to be seen, but Reedus’ comments do give us hope that maybe someday, the MacManus brothers will return.

There’d actually been some talk of doing a TV show a few years ago, and with the rise of streaming services, it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine someone like Netflix or Amazon Prime resurrecting The Boondock Saints via a limited series. But given that the last film released back in 2009, is it too late to continue the story of the iconic vigilantes at this point? Let us know what you think by dropping a comment down below.