Sienna Miller And Jeremy Irons Join Ben Wheatley’s High Rise


Take a J.G. Ballard novel about a high-tech luxury apartment complex that becomes the site of massive class warfare, add British auteur Ben Wheatley as director, Tom Hiddleston to star, and Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller as secondary characters, and you’ve got the makings for one hell of a movie. That’s the formula for the upcoming film High Rise, which will start shooting in July.

High Rise will star Tom Hiddleston as Robert Laing, a young doctor who moves into the apartment building structured to cater to its residents’ every whim, as well as insulate them from the world outside. A grown-up Lord of the Flies scenario is brewing within, however, helped along by the brilliant architect who designed the building (Jeremy Irons) and his lovely assistant (Sienna Miller).

Director Ben Wheatley is very excited about addition of Irons and Miller to his cast, and had the following to say about it:

I’ve been a fan of Sienna’s since seeing her heartbreaking role in There’s a steely resilience in her performances, and I know she will be excellent in her central role in High-Rise … What can you say about Jeremy Irons? From Dead Ringers to Margin Call, Jeremy has been creating indelible performances. He’s one of our finest actors and it’s very exciting to work with him.

I don’t know about you, but my excitement has just shot through the roof for this one. It’s remarkable that Wheatley managed to get both Irons and Miller; the latter is currently filming American Sniper for Clint Eastwood, and Irons was just recently cast as Alfred in Batman vs. Superman. While I don’t have strong feeling about Sienna Miller, the combination of Hiddleston and Irons is enough to make anyone smile. Two of Britain’s finest actors in the same film together, directed by the man responsible for Sightseers? Yes, please.

Unfortunately, we have awhile to wait until we see High Rise on the big screen. With production starting this July in Belfast, it will probably be at least a year until it hits theaters. For now, at least, we can take comfort in the knowledge that something worthwhile will be arriving in cinemas before too many years are out.