Awesome Spawn Fan-Made Trailer Makes Us Long For The Real Deal

We’ve waited an awful long time for our first glimpse at Todd McFarlane and Jamie Foxx’s Spawn reboot… and it seems we’ll have to remain patient for a little while yet.

Nevertheless, thanks to YouTuber Stryder HD, below you’ll find a killer fan-made preview of the McFarlane reboot, which cherry-picks footage of Jamie Foxx from the likes of Miami Vice, Law Abiding Citizen and Sleepless to create a pretty convincing version of Al Simmons, the man imbued (cursed?) with demonic abilities after a cruel twist of fate leaves him to wander the Earth as a spawn of hell.

Should everything go to plan, Foxx will be starring opposite Jeremy Renner of Avengers fame, who climbed aboard in the role of Twitch Williams, a morally-just police officer who ultimately becomes an unlikely ally to Al Simmons.

The most recent status report from Todd McFarlane merely confirmed that Spawn is still on the way, and that the constant back-and-forth has resulted in some tweaks to the current screenplay.

Right now it’s being polished by another writer-director from the script that we handed him. He’s supposed to be done with it here in a few weeks, and then once we sort of go back and forth and tighten it up a little bit, then we’re going into Hollywood and we’re gonna get a yes or no. ere’s what I can tell you: I have people with money on the sidelines. There are people that are gonna help me make this movie. The question is, do we go into Hollywood, make a deal with Hollywood, go and make the production, and then come back? Or do I take the outside money, go make it, and then come back to Hollywood?

To his credit, McFarlane is determined to get this long-gestating project off the ground and into theaters – even if it means exploring some sort of crowdfunding option. Whether he’ll still be able to hold on to the likes of Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner without the support of a studio remains to be seen, but if nothing else, his relentless pursuit is part of what makes this whole Spawn saga so engrossing. Let’s hope he gets a happy ending.