Ving Rhames Will Return For Mission: Impossible 5

ving rhames

Though his Luther Stickell only had a brief cameo appearance in 2011’s excellent Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Ving Rhames, who starred in the franchise’s first three entries alongside Tom Cruise, is apparently returning in a larger capacity for the upcoming Mission: Impossible 5.

An expert computer hacker with the IMF, Stickell was last seen grabbing a drink with fellow IMF agent Ethan Hunt (Cruise) after the central mission of Ghost Protocol. Though the character was never involved with that high-stakes mission to stop a nuclear attack on the United States, he did tell Ethan “see you in Kandahar” before departing, possibly setting up a storyline for Mission: Impossible 5. Thanks to director Christopher McQuarrie, at least we know now that Rhames has a part in the fivequel:

Whether or not Rhames’ role is a cameo, as in Ghost Protocol, or a bigger part remains to be seen. Seeing as McQuarrie revealed the information himself, however, it seems likely that his role is substantial (cameos are hardly ever discussed much before theatrical release).

With news of Rhames’ involvement, Mission: Impossible 5 is shaping up to reunite stars from all previous chapters of the franchise. Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner are already signed on to reprise their roles as hacker Benji Dunn and secret agent William Brandt, who appeared first in Mission: Impossible III and Ghost Protocol, respectively.

No word yet on a return for Paula Patton, who played Jane Carter in Ghost Protocol, though the casting of Rebecca Ferguson (Starz miniseries The White Queen) in the female lead role suggests that Patton’s character may be out of commission this time around.  Alec Baldwin is also in talks to play the head of the CIA, Hunt’s boss.

No plot details have been revealed yet, and are likely a while off – Mission: Impossible 5 doesn’t open until December 25th, 2015. We’ll keep you posted when we hear more though.