WB Will Establish Two DC Cinematic Universes Moving Forward

Though the DCEU started out as one coherent franchise with a clear tone and direction, things started to get away from Warner Bros. after a couple of critical flops (Suicide Squad) and financial bombs (Justice League). Nowadays, the studio has found surer footing with standalone movies like Aquaman and Shazam! which only loosely take place in the same world. Moving forward, though, the DC cinematic universe is going to split into two.

FandomWire has shared a new report outlining where WB’s planning to go with the DCEU from now on and the headline is that they’ll be establishing two separate DC universes over the coming years. The original DCEU will continue, with existing characters like Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn remaining in that universe, while a second, fresh, universe will be created for rebooted heroes like Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

If this information sounds familiar, that’s because We Got This Covered broke this story back in June as an exclusive scoop. At the time, we also said that the new Superman, played by whoever it is that replaces Henry Cavill, will be part of the second universe and FandomWire’s report backs up that information as well. They say that J.J. Abrams is currently working on finding a new Man of Steel for WB, who’ll exist in the same world as Pattinson’s Bats.

Of course, Matt Reeves’ The Batman started out life as a prequel to Ben Affleck’s exploits as the Dark Knight, but it’s since been confirmed that it’s no longer attempting to fit into the DCEU continuity, hence the creation of a second cinematic universe. As FandomWire points out, though, this does mean that the old DCEU will be missing some major players from now on. Specifically, there’ll be a Bat-shaped hole in Gotham City in Birds of Prey. 

WGTC has also heard that WB is considering doing a Flashpoint adaptation for The Flash 2, which would realign the two universes into one, but for the time being, it seems audiences will have to get used to two separate DC continuities. Three, in fact, if you count the Joker universe. I guess if the quality of the individual films remains high, though, then the confusing state of the wider franchise isn’t really an issue and audiences will go along with it.