Wonder Woman Action Figure Line Seemingly Confirms Ares As Film’s Villain

Although the theatrical release of Wonder Woman is merely four months away, Warner Bros. have somehow managed to largely keep the film’s plot under wraps. And aside from a French magazine, Studio Ciné Live, saying that Ares will serve as the villain, we otherwise haven’t received any confirmation.

By now, some of you are well aware that collectibles have a proud history of spoiling movies and the Amazon Princess’ first solo outing is no different. Thanks to some early images of soon to be released DC Multiverse action figures, it seems as though Ares’ involvement is all but confirmed.

As we can see in these Tweets, this particular wave’s build-a-figure is none other than Ares, so if you want the God of War to adorn your shelf, you’re going to have to buy each figure. Unfortunately, the images provided show only his armor, so we’ll have to wait a little longer before getting a look at his face.

Antagonist aside, it’s cool to see that fans will be able to purchase various looks Diana Prince will sport in the movie. While it’s a certainty that her main costume will be available, those who fancy her attire worn on the island of Themyscira will no doubt want to pick up the figure pictured.

Steve Trevor is also an obvious addition to the line, but seeing as how Ares is the build-a-figure, it makes us wonder which other characters will be immortalized. Hippolyta is a very real possibility, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Wonder Woman arrives in theaters on June 2.