Young Protagonist Of Chucky TV Show Will Reportedly Be Gay

Updates on Chucky, SYFY’s upcoming TV show based on the Child’s Play movies, have been thin on the ground during the coronavirus crisis but plans to shoot it in Toronto this July are seemingly still in place. And now, details about its protagonist appear to have emerged.

According to YouTube channel 3C Films, the show will be headed up by a boy of middle school age who happens to be gay. The protagonist’s sexuality isn’t especially noteworthy on its own, though specifying a sexual preference for a character in that age bracket is unorthodox, to say the least.

The Child’s Play movie series has earned plaudits among the LGBT community for championing gender fluidity in its fifth installment, Seed of Chucky. The 2004 sequel introduced Chucky and Tiffany’s gender-fluid offspring Glen/Glenda, voiced by Lord of the Rings star Billy Boyd, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the TV show flying the flag for diversity.

The Chucky TV series, which has been in the works at SYFY for more than a year, will depict an idyllic American town that’s thrown into chaos when a vintage Good Guy doll turns up at a yard sale. Allies and enemies from the killer toy’s past will appear in the show, and it’ll also take a deep dive into the untold origin story of Charles Lee Ray, the serial killer whose soul has taken refuge in the redheaded doll.

Don Mancini – who wrote all of the Child’s Play movies and directed three of them – provided the story for the TV series and will also serve as showrunner and helm the first episode. Series legend Brad Dourif will also be back on vocal duties, so expect the show to be true to the original films.

SYFY is yet to announce a premiere date for Chucky, but as always, we’ll keep you in the loop when that changes.