Fear The Walking Dead Newcomers Share Intel On Their Fierce Survivors


Proving that Morgan Jones isn’t the only newcomer to join the ranks of Fear The Walking Dead, the fresh-faced Maggie Grace, Jenna Elfman, and Garrett Dillahunt recently offered up new intel about their respective characters in anticipation of season 4.

The former duo were in attendance at the Saturday’s WonderCon event in Anaheim, where Chris Hardwick of Talking Dead (h/t ComicBook.com) spoke to Grace and Elfman about their two survivors, Althea and Naomi. Turns out the former is “unusually capable” with a “real agenda.” This is also a character who is “uniquely qualified to be in the apocalypse,” so it’s no wonder Maggie Grace has really taken to her new part.

I love her. She’s unusually capable, she has a real agenda, a transactional side, a soulful side.

Meanwhile, Jenna Elfman’s Naomi, is best described as a “capable survivor” who is in the midst of experiencing heavy trauma. And though she yearns for a sense of community, incoming showrunner Andrew Chambliss told Entertainment Weekly in a separate interview that Naomi and Madison Clark won’t necessarily see eye-to-eye – at least not at first.

Naomi’s a capable survivor. [But] she’ll have her guard up as she crosses paths with Madison (Kim Dickens) and her family, and — as we’ll learn over the course of the season — she’ll have a very good reason for keeping people at a distance.

The third and final series regular is Garrett Dillahunt, who is coming on board to play the role of John. Before the days of the zombie apocalypse, Dillahunt’s character was a fun-loving trick shooter, so his skills and expertise will prove indispensable in the fight against the walkers.

Said he:

[John’s] more of a good shot than just, like, juggling guns. The main thing I asked for was that John a good shot. It’s a pet peeve of mine when people with machine guns can’t hit a thing.

John, Naomi and Althea (and Morgan!) will form part of Fear The Walking Dead‘s family when the show returns for its fourth season on April 15th – a date it currently shares with the season 8 finale of AMC’s Walking Dead.