Justified Review: “Good Intentions” (Season 5, Episode 3)


Besides the judicial roadblock standing firmly in the way of his wedded bliss, Boyd is also dealing with financial woes as a result of a hijacked shipment. My prediction was right on about the blonde train wreck being involved, but finding out who she was working for was so much more gratifying.

I’ve been a fan of Johnny’s (Dave Meunier) since season one, and although in a perfect world he and Boyd would still be brother-adjacent/BFFs, that hardly would make for a compelling storyline. In season four, we watched Johnny try to take over the drug business from his cousin by partnering with Wynn Duffy (Jere Burns). Although it backfired, his betrayal didn’t happen on a whim. Johnny had been harboring a growing distaste for his cousin for some time. With things ending on a low-note for him, it was only a matter of episodes before Johnny would retaliate against Boyd for once again managing to own the upper hand – something he has a knack for.

It would seem that the only person that on any consistent basis doesn’t underestimate Boyd would be Raylan, and we have yet to see them cross paths this season. I’m not sure if we’ve reached the metaphorical ceiling of their story arc, but this is one reunion I’d actually like to attend.

On his own Raylan is fairing considerably well despite his disconnect with fatherhood. He’s retired his apartment on top of the bar for the meantime and moved in to a very impressive house courtesy of the Marshal Service. In the process of doing his job (err, Loretta counts as at least an extension of his job), he’s even found a new girlfriend (well, it’s only a matter of time before they start throwing titles around) to ogle after him.

I wonder if it’s really possible for his character to be single for any substantial amount of time or if being with a woman is just as natural for him as breathing. We’ve seen the effect they have on him in his professional life before, and similarly, this situation with Allison (Amy Smart) has trouble written all over it. Although she’s not entirely unlikeable, it didn’t take long before her quasi-morals came to the surface.

Do you think that Allison is what Raylan really needs right now? Are you still convinced Boyd will be able to save Ava? And, what are your thoughts on Mara? Let us know what you think, along with all your theories on Justified, in the comment section below!