Every Hero Has A Code: Ranking The Characters Of HBO’s Westworld

11) Clementine Pennyfeather


The closest of Maeve’s “girls,” Clementine is one of those poor hosts who are completely unaware of their true nature. Created to be a plaything of the paying customers, she’s ultimately used by Charlotte in her quest to frame Ford for negligence. While she’s effectively lobotomized and shoved in the basement, another host is given her backstory and personality. It’s a tragic fate, but Maeve’s growing powers and affection for her suggest she may undergo a resurrection in the future.


10) Elsie Hughes


The fate of Elsie is one of the big questions we want answered in the finale. A colleague of Bernard’s, she was helping him investigate the quirks in the park before her mysterious disappearance a few episodes ago.

In the penultimate installment of the season, it was seemingly revealed that Bernard had killed her, under Ford’s instructions. But we haven’t seen a body yet so our instincts tells us Elsie is still out there somewhere. Let’s hope so, as Shannon Woodward has so much more to give to this show.