Check Out These New Images From The Simpsons LEGO Episode


If you gave up on The Simpsons at some point during its 25-year run, you might want to tune in on May 4th. The show will be celebrating an impressive milestone that night, by giving the town of Springfield an all-LEGO makeover for the its 550th episode. Titled “Brick Like Me,” it’s described as follows:

“Homer wakes up in a world where his family and everyone in Springfield are made of Legos. Can he ‘put together’ how he got there, and figure out how to get home before he’s stuck in a world of bricks forever?”

The episode comes right on the heels of the release of the licensed LEGO Simpsons House set, and will arrive just in time for the release of the LEGO Simpsons mini-figure series that features 16 characters from the show, including each member of the titular family, as well as Krusty the Clown, Itchy and Scratchy, Mr. Burns, Chief Wiggum, Millhouse, and more.

Eleven new images from “Brick Like Me” have hit the web today, showing off the unique animation style and LEGO-likeness that’s been achieved for the episode. Surprisingly, the characters look nothing like their mini-figure series counterparts, and instead fall closer in line with the traditional mini-figure design and shape.

According to producer Matt Selman, the episode has been in the works since before they knew The LEGO Movie even existed, so chock their similarities up to simple coincidence. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said:

“We didn’t know about the movie [when this episode started developing]. For the record, we still don’t know about the movie. [Laughs] Brian and I had been dreaming of doing a Simpsons Lego episode for as long as we could remember, and in early 2012 we started seriously talking about making it happen. Then we found out that Lego was into doing a Simpsons couch gag. So it was a magical coming-together of pretend yellow people.”

The Simpsons‘ “Brick Like Me” airs on Sunday, May 4th at 8 pm on FOX. Be sure to tune in!


Source: /Film