Sony Reportedly Firing Up Salt TV Show


Another day, another movie-to-TV project gaining momentum. On this occasion, it’s the Angelina Jolie-fronted actioner Salt that looks set to swap one medium for another, with Sony allegedly keen to expand the dormant IP in “a completely different way.”

That’s according to Screen Daily, reporting that the studio is shopping the pitch to buyers at the European Film Market. Indeed, it’s the first sign of movement from the Salt camp in some time, after the possibility of a sequel – one to be penned by Kurt Winner and, later, Becky Johnston – quickly faded into obscurity. Now, six years since the original’s theatrical release, Sony is hoping to find better fortune on the small screen.

“We want to bring it to Europe in a completely different way,” said Diego Suarez, Sony’s Vice President Of International Television Production. That’s the only official word on Salt 2, though we assume that the company is keen to tap into the film’s budding international market, particularly given that the 2010 actioner pulled in a respectable $175 million overseas in 2010.

Angelina Jolie, meanwhile, is unlikely to reprise her role as the brainwashed Evelyn, though it would be foolish to rule out some form of cameo appearance similar to Bradley Cooper anchoring the Limitless TV adaptation.

On the other end of the spectrum, the likes of The Exorcist and Training Day are ready to make the jump to television, but Salt doesn’t hold a fraction of the cache of either of those two properities. Still, by aligning the reboot with a European audience, Sony may be able to carve out a formula for success. We just hope that it’s more successful than, say, Fox’s canned Minority Report.


Source: Screen Daily