Latest Stranger Things Season 3 Set Pics Find Millie Bobby Brown Washed Ashore

A visibly distressed Millie Bobby Brown washes ashore in today’s new batch of set photos from Stranger Things season 3.

Coming to us by way of Just Jared, these pics were taken in sunny Malibu – and therefore a ways away from the quaint (and fictional) town of Hawkins, Indiana – where Eleven, Brown’s fan-favorite, looks a little worse for wear.

Chances are this particular scene is lifted from an episode in which Eleven pays a visit to Kali and her punk gang, leading to some pretty distressing scenes down at the beach. Millie Bobby Brown’s character is nothing if not conflicted, and we’ve seen before how her psychic abilities gnaw at her fragile mindset, reducing her to a sobbing (and often screaming) mess.

She always pulls through, of course, and single-handedly prevented the Shadow Monster from wreaking havoc during the gripping finale of Stranger Things season 2. However, with news that the show’s third season will be darker still, we have a sneaking suspicion that Netflix is about to unleash a host of new threats upon Eleven and her allies.

From the pictures, we can clearly see that Millie Bobby Brown is being washed ashore, only to stagger onto the beach looking dazed, confused, and a little upset. It’s impossible to wean any concrete story details from this gallery alone, but if we had to hedge a guess, we’d say Eleven is once again set to leave Hawkins (temporarily?) as the scope of Stranger Things expands nationwide.

The third season of Stranger Things is due to premiere via Netflix sometime next year, and when it does, viewers will be treated to an action-packed installment inspired by John Carpenter’s blood-curdling body of work – so like every other season, then?